Kung Fu Canada Studio

Dear Student:

In order to understand the art of Kung Fu, one must master mind and body through physical practise to achieve self-improvement as a whole being.

In the traditional training of Kung Fu, there are two major steps. As a beginner you will gain balance and conditioning through the basic blocks, kicks, strikes and application of these techniques. After this accomplishment you will be well prepared to advance to the next step.

In the final step, the student must be nominated by his/her instructor and then must be approved by the members of the board. Because of the seriousness of the Club and the techniques which are taught, the student will be asked only once and if refused or if he/she refuses for any reason, may not attempt this step again.

Studio Rules

1. Every student shall pay respect by performing a slight bow when entering and leaving the training hall.

2. Abusive language is not permitted.

3. The uniform must be kept clean.

4. Finger and toe nails shall be kept short and clean.

5. Willfull damage will not be permitted. The walls of the hall are not a training surface.

6. Racial discrimination or any other form of slander or derogatory remarks against members may result in dismissal.

7. All students must recognize the chief instructor’s presence by offering a slight bow. (only once a day).

8. To practice free style sparring without the chief instructor’s permission is prohibited.

9. All students must do ten minutes of exercise before his/her lesson, which have been shown by the instructor.

10. It is the responsibility of higher ranking students to explain etiquette to new members.









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