1. All sparring must be approved by a teacher or by a black belt.

2. Respect and control are of first importance in any sparring session.

3. The higher ranking student leads the sparring session, and is responsible for maintaining control. Students of equal rank are equally responsible for maintaining control.

4. When ranks are unequal, invitation to spar must be addressed from a higher ranking student to a lower ranking student. A lower ranking student should not ask a higher ranking student to spar.

5. Students of equal rank may invite one another to spar.

6. Beginning students should move slowly, and keep in constant communication with their partners. They should follow a one-step method of sparring.

7. Free-sparring is permitted only to advanced students (green belt and higher). Speed should be adjusted to ability, and communication should be maintained at all times.

8. Sparring is a learning process - not a contest where there is a winner and a loser. If you learn something, count yourself a winner.

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