Kosta Makris

Kosta started his martial arts training in 1983 in Viet Vo Dao with a neighborhood friend named Mr. Vic. In 1986 Kosta joined Kung Fu Canada under the instruction of Sifu Ed O’brien and trained with him until 1989 when Sifu O’brien moved to Victoria, BC. From 1989 on Kosta continued his training at Kung Fu Canada under Sifu Giuseppe Sblano the foremost leading authority under Sifu O’Brien.

Presently Kosta holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt and is one of the instructors at Kung Fu Canada. Kosta presently assists Sifu Sblano and teaches the children’s class twice a week as well as teaching an adult skill class every second Friday.

Kosta’s classes are based on traditional Kung Fu training and practical street applications. In attending one of Kosta’s classes one can expect to work hard. His classes incorporate a lot of stretching, heavy bag work, focus pads and speed drills. Kosta takes the approach of no nonsense fighting (Don’t dance around just get the job done).

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