Rules & Guidelines

Ethics of Training

1. The art of Kung-Fu is handed on by skilled teachers. It is of first importance that students trust their teacher. For without trust, true learning cannot take place.

2. Students make progress in different ways and at different rates. New knowledge is introduced when the teacher sees a student is ready. Therefore students should not request extra knowledge but are encouraged to clarify what they have been taught. This can be done by consulting the teacher or other students.

3. Students are expected to use the Training Hall to work on their skills and physical fitness. Standing idle or engaging excessively in conversation are discouraged.

4. Skill classes can be physically demanding. Students are expected to monitor their endurance, and must take rest periods to avoid exhaustion or excessive stress. Infribgement of this rule is a serious matter.

5. Kung-Fu draws upon the idea of "empty mind" as a means of training students to face dangerous confrontations. The teacher is concerned with a student's mental attitude as part of this training. Otherwise, student's personal beliefs and commitments have no bearing on their relationship with the teacher, or on the program of the instruction.

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