Claudine Cholette

Claudine Cholette has been a member of Kung Fu Canada since 1994. Her devotion to the arts earned her a first-degree black belt in 2005. Inner strength and determination pushed Claudine to continue training despite several injuries encountered in the course of her training and exposure to other sports as well. She is grateful to Sifu Sblano for having adapted his teaching material and provided continuous support during these challenging periods. Today Claudine considers herself, stronger and healthier than she has ever been.

Claudine brings her passion and commitment to the children’s classes where she emphasizes the importance of hard work, discipline and respect. Focusing on personal achievement, she encourages the students to strive to do their best and appreciate their personal progress. She also believes that if the student enjoys coming back to classes their love of the art will, with time, mature into a lifetime passion.

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