Bob Warash

Having always been interested in martial arts Bob finally decided to look for a school to see if this was something he wanted to pursue. Not knowing of any particular schools he eventually spoke to his cousin (who was training at the time) and was introduced to Kung Fu Canada. Bob started his training with Kung Fu Canada LaSalle in July of 1993 and quickly came to the realization that this was in fact a discipline that he was going to continue.

Bob was nominated to the Shaolin Temple Club very early in his training and it wasn’t until he moved to Toronto in 1995 that he realized Kung Fu had become a part of him. As there were no Kung Fu Canada schools in Toronto he looked for alternative places to train and was greeted with a less than enthusiastic reception when he told them that he had previous training.

Not wanting to abandon his training he began training in his basement and soon had 8 students of his own. Bob traveled back to Montreal at least once a month and was able to keep continue his training at Kung Fu Canada, receiving private instruction.

Bob moved back to Montreal in 1997 and was awarded his First Degree Black Belt in January 1998. He currently holds the rank of Second Degree Black Belt as awarded to him by Master O'Brien in May of 2002.

Bob now trains / teaches with Kung Fu Canada Laval and is quoted as saying “I believe that we have one of the best, if not the best, attitude towards people, training and the way of life.”

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