Yin and Yang

Everything has an opposite – up down, hot cold, dark light, positive negative, male female, and so on. These opposites, as already mentioned, are known as Yin and Yang. This basic polarity is inherent in the nature of reality, and is also part of the architecture of our brains and minds. It is the “binary code”, represented by o and 1, in mathematics, which makes possible much of our electronic technology. Yin and Yang operate according to very specific laws. These include the principles : everything has a Yin and a Yang aspect ; everything has a proportion of Yin and Yang ; every Yin and Yang can be further divided ; Yin and Yang create each other ; Yin and Yang control each other ; and Yin and Yang can each transform into the other. Yin and Yang are represented by the now familiar symbol, which is known as the Tai Qi – the Supreme Ultimate. Graphically they are represented by a broken and an unbroken line.

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