We all have our own journeys to travel. We also have the option to choose witch road to take .The road in itself is not of importance. What we learn along the way is. Sometimes we take the long and hard road and sometimes we take the short road. Do not be fooled by the length of the road, as it is irrelevant. The oceans and the deserts seem impossible to cross but once you have it feel like a memory in the past. Every rock and pebble on your path is there for you to look at. Touch it, feel it, and learn from it. Do not go throw life with a closed heart. Accept your life as you unfold it. Most of us are living in denial thinking only of tomorrow and are forgetting to live today. Learn what happened yesterday enjoy what is happening today and tomorrow will arrive. Don’t regret the path you have chosen, learn and privail from it grow from it . Always moving forward and never forgetting the past.

A true warrior must be ready to accept his faith as it unfolds. He must be ready to give his life for a life of another. There must be no doubt in his heart. The warrior’s sword is strong and swift .His reasoning calm and well planned. His heart true and pure his soul and will invincible.


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