Master Sblano

Sifu Joe Sblano was born in Montreal in 1966. Joe began his martial arts training in 1980 studying Kajukenbo. After two years of Kajukenbo studies Joe moved on to study under Master O’Brien at Kung Fu Canada in 1985. Sifu received his 5th degree masters belt in the spring of 2000 from Master O’Brien.

Joe has been studying the art of grappling under the direction of Mr. Angelo Exarhakos and has integrated it into his skill classes at Kung Fu Canada. Other disciplines undertaken by Joe to compliment his training include, Wing Chun, Escrima and Hanbojutsu.

Sifu Sblano continues to train under the guidance of Master O’Brien, visiting him at his home in Victoria, BC.

Joe’s classes are taught in the traditional Kung Fu manner, and consist of strenuous conditioning exercises, chi-kung, cardio and precise striking techniques. Good form and focus are the main elements stressed by Sifu Sblano.

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