Shaolin Temple Club

To understand the history of Wu Shu (Chuan Chu) or as we know it today as Kung-Fu, the art of open hands. One must appreciate the fact that this art is over four thousand years old. It was the Shaolin Temple that has most recognition for it was a way of life for the priests and monks. The Shaolin was a school of thought and discipline. The physical exercise was for health and longevity because the monks were unable to benefit from the meditation aspect of their training to become one with the universe.

The five animal styles were designed for different parts of the body. In later stages of the Shaolin, the self-defense aspect was developed to protect themselves and others from physical harm. By taking parts of each animal form, they developed combative techniques and later weapons strictly for the maintenance of peace.

Shaolin Temple Club of Kung-Fu Canada Studios is trying to keep a dying tradition which once was regarded as an honor. The Shaolin monk was respected as a great man (woman). Today, the arts suffer from the fast pace of modern society and is no more than a poorly run business that teaches only mechanical aspects of the arts. Kung-Fu Canada is making an effort to keep this art proud by its commitment in maintaining a high standard of respect to all students and the loyalty among teachers.

The membership in the Club is based on loyalty to the art, respect of all living things and property. Any form of deliberate mental or physical abuse towards others will not be tolerated. We all share the concept of self-development of mind, body and spirit. We shall never display our skills outside the S.T.C. and must try to avoid all violent confrontations. Unless there are no other alternatives, physical action is used only to protect ones self or others from harm. Excessive force would go directly against our training principles.

All black belts will only be awarded by Mr. O'Brien. The student must understand that in order to achieve such a difficult task, the/she must be disciplined and patient in their training. The Instructors are properly trained to teach you the techniques outlined in your program. The students are to perfect the techniques to their best ability. It is not important how much a student knows, but how well a student performs what he/she knows. Be true to yourself in your training and you will succeed. Only the strong ones remain unchanged in their hearts.

The genuine masters are shrewd in their teaching for good reason. They lead their students to the true master, which lies within themselves.

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