Northern and Southern Shaolin Systems

Pai are special organizations founded by the Chinese exponents of hand-to-hand arts for the purpose of providing a systematic control of these arts. No accurate censor wherever conducted to those Pai but if there ever was one the numbers would be in the thousands. According to Orthodox beliefs the Shaolin temple Pai fell into two major divisions. Those who support the northern and those who support the southern Shaolin temple systems. The Northern Shaolin temple system is believed to have originated at the Honan temple while the south is believed to have originated at the Fukien temple. The two have a common use of the five animal forms, which are DRAGON, SNAKE, CRANE, TIGER, and LEOPARD. Northern Shaolin is sub-divided into three main branches. First branch is Hung which stressed physical prowess and the use of strength in a hard or resistive manner. The second branch is Kung in which clever tactics of a soft or pliable nature offset strength. The third branch is Yue in which both hard and soft action combine to produce technique. Also from the Yue branch there developed systems that depend on the actions of other animals and even on those of human and super natural beings. Such as the Ta-Sheng Men which make use of the antics of the monkey the Low Hand or Budda like beings system. The Erh-lang men which is based on a legendary hero and the Wei-T`o Men a deity system. The Southern Shaolin consists of five main branches which are Ta-hung Men, Liu-chia Ch`uan, Ts`ai-chia Ch`uan Li-chia Ch`uan and Moh-chia Ch`uan. The Moh or MO system is believed to have been created by a man who hade the same name. Not much is known on the Mo division for the simple reason that this was still guarded as a secret. It is just recent that it has been brought to the public's eyes. It is important to know the history of your chosen style it gives you a sense of belonging and at the same time a responsibility to hold such a heavy load on your shoulders. We must keep the spirit of Shaolin alive by always keeping an open mind to new theories and ideas. There is no one style that outdoes the other they all have there place one might be more for combat while the other might be more for health. All people are born equal; it is knowledge hard work practice and discipline that separate them. Which brings me to one of my favorite quote. Knowledge without practice is a waste of knowledge and practice without knowledge is a waste of time.

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